“I really enjoyed the HPizzle classes and found them extremely helpful. John taught us lots of skills and techniques which definitely helped me boost my HPAT score. Compared to other preparation packages, HPizzle is unique in the way it encourages competition between students – something that made me learn how to work calmly under pressure.”


“I learned so much from going to this class and listening to other people work through questions in ways I never would have thought of. I found it really helpful to learn from different approaches that I could then use to answer future questions.  These classes made it a lot easier for me to practice the HPAT consistently throughout the year so I would definitely recommend them!”


 “The HPAT classes were massively beneficial to me. They helped me to develop a strategy for dealing with the exam and gave me a whole pile of new techniques for dealing with specific types of questions. Definitely one of the main reasons I got into medicine.”


“Having questions explained and especially being able to talk through some of the more challenging questions was really helpful. I found section 2 especially difficult and hearing other student’s opinions and reasoning meant I could better understand the questions themselves. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone sitting the HPAT in years to come.”


''HPizzle was an incredibly useful tool for me as I prepared for the HPAT. During class I could actively see how my classmates were doing, which helped to create a competitive environment similar to the exam. The mock exams were very good at simulating the types of questions that would be asked. I would highly recommend HPizzle for first time and repeat exam sitters.''

SEAN, 99th CENTILE, 2022

The HPizzle classes carried me through my HPAT study this year. The individual analysis of answer options in class, along with time-pressured, competitive practice questions helped me learn how to remain calm during the exam. Hearing others explain their answers taught me to approach questions in different manners and the fun, relaxed environment made me feel comfortable to ask questions and query explanations.

ELLA, 98th CENTILE, 2022


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    What is the HPAT?

    The Health Professions Admission Test is an exam designed to measure a candidate’s suitability for a career as a doctor. It was introduced in 2009 in Ireland as an additional way of allocating places in medicine primarily to offset the emphasis the importance of Leaving Cert results.

    The good news is that you don’t have to learn anything off for this exam; no definitions, no poems, no mathematical formulas, no irregular verbs. You just have to practice answering lots and lots of questions and improve your skills over time.

    The idea of the HPAT is that it rewards other types of intelligence that may be ignored in Leaving Cert exams such as logic, problem solving, emotional empathy and abstract reasoning.


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